Shame on You, Hibachi Grill & Supreme Buffet!

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Even though we’ve went to Hibachi Grill & Supreme Buffet numerous times before and liked their food, we’ve never reviewed it due to our in-activeness. Seriously, it must’ve been two years since our last reviews, but we’re back for now. Anyway, apparently they were closed for today (and supposedly today only) since the city shut them down due to mental hygiene issues. However, they apparently covered up the mental hygiene paper or some other piece of paper (which must’ve been important as well) with some yellow paper (probably because they didn’t want people to turn away from their restaurant and instead come over there). Plus, they have a B grade with 18 violation points. Three out of four sanitary violations were critical. We’ll come back some other time and we’ll check and see what has happened, but shame on them for covering up the mental hygiene paper and getting a B grade!


Away for a while…

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Hey guys, it’s Smally. Listen, um, we are not going to be home until nighttime today. We left our homes today by close to 9. Cloe left minutes before 9 today. We went to church, and we will be taking people to an airport in Queens today, so we’ll be home late today. But, that won’t stop us from reviewing today! Later on, we are reviewing Domino’s Plater See you later!