Goodbye NY’s Best Pizza…


The last time I passed there, I found out that NY’s Best Pizza has been replaced with another pizza restaurant called “Pizza House” I believe. So far, other than the Arthur Kill Rd one, I found no word of it online. NY’s Best Pizza still has their website up, not otherwise, it’s gone. I’m so sad that NY’s Best Pizza left us after 2 years. We will miss it though! And we’ll do many things for it hopefully! We are ordering pizza today, so if we order, it’ll be from the Pizza House, so we’ll call. We’ll keep you updated. – Smally.


And 40th Post! yeah! Review coming soon!


NY’s Best Pizza – Final Replacement for Famous NY (hopefully)

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So, we finally got to eat from Famous NY Pizza NY’s Best Pizza, and I have got to say their pizza is awesome! It gets 3 stars though, because, as you know, we ordered Sprite, but we got Coke. Their Pizza is better than A and M’s, so I’ll be ordering from here from now on. Also, it has been added to the end of Famous NY’s Review (not the review itself).

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