Smally and Cloe’s Reviews so far

These duties are being taken over by Cloe and Amelie. Here it will show:

(name of store) – (rating) – (description about it according to Smally) – (see if they are coming back there more often or not and sometimes why)

Also, if you see*, then I definitely recommend and love the store. + equals in the expression page.

See? Now let’s see some fun reviews!

Sarku Japan – 5/5 – The noodles were great! – probably coming back more often

Steven Kings Nail Salon Inc – 3/5 – Liked the stuff where you get your feet done there. Argument or something there though. Service wasn’t too good. – coming back because Steven did the nails so good.

Public Storage – 5/5 – The gate entrance and elevators are great! Even where we take and put stuff into the storage! – leaving to go to American Self Storage probably

Golden Krust – 5/5 – I like this Caribbean place the most just because it’s the only one on Staten Island and it’s the only one I’ve ever been to. Beef, chicken and vegetable patties taste great! Even their cheese and sodas! – we come here a lot

Stephanie’s Bbq – 3/5 – Only 3 stars cause they give you a lot of food. Hamburger wasn’t great. – not coming back

Rab’s Country Lanes – 5/5 – When I went there, we had animations for knocking down pins. We had pizza, and it was good! We got a DVD and it was also fun! 5 stars! – we come here at summer

McDonald’s – 5/5 – They ROCK! Chicken nuggets, cheeseburger, hamburger, salad, french fries, strawberry milkshake, Chicken McBites and snack wrap are good! – we come here a lot

+Peking Kitchen – 1/5 – Shrimp was raw, although I never tried it. Noodles had some stuff I didn’t want in it, and they had no AC! When we went in the chinese restaurant, it only had 3 tables. If many people comes in, then what happens? I bought a chicken lo mien, with orange soda. They were polite, and I was patient. I liked the orange soda at least. Oh, and one more thing. Chicken is tasteless. – not coming back

Any Garment Cleaners – 1/5 – If you go to church and your church clothes need cleaning, don’t go here! They leave the stains on them! – definitely not coming back and Smally’s most disliked store so far other than fashion ones

New China Buffet – 4/5 – The food is good. The noodles are good. Everything is cool at this place! Definitely Chinese like. – we come here a lot ever since someone mentioned it

Sam’s Club – 4/5 – Sometimes I don’t get what I want. But they have pretty good stuff there! – we come here a lot

Columbia Meat Market – 5/5 – Using their chicken tastes great with it fried, shake and baked, and more! That’s a 5/5 for them! – we always come here for their meat

Staten Island Ferry – 4/5 – Sometimes I just don’t like the repeating before finishing the sentence voice and foghorn. Other than that, It’s OK. – always go here whenever we have no other vehicle and we want to go to a different borough

Seaside Cafe (at the New York Aquarium) – 5/5 – Chicken nuggets and stuff are good! – we come here when we go at the New York Aquarium

Burger King – 5/5 – Chicken nuggets and milkshake, delicious! Also, I heard their burgers were great too. – we come here sometimes

Empire Szechuan restaurant – 5/5 – Good food. – we come here sometimes when we are at the Forest Plaza

Fashion Bug – 2/5 – Workers was following us like we were thieves! Kidding me! – not going back to Fashion Bug, but not ever again though, that’s all I know

Burlington Coat Factory – 4/5 – Too many mess. Good store though. (note: every time us as a group goes to Chuck E. Cheese she goes here) – we sometimes go here when we are in the plaza Chuck E. Cheese is in

Rainbow Shops – 3/5 – No dressing room. – never knew if we are coming back more often or not

BJ’s Wholesale Club – 4/5 – We couldn’t go to self paying, so I was upset. There was this stupid fly as well always landing on my arms and legs, never bothered to go anywhere but there. I bought Dino Nuggets though and they were the best we’ve ever had. Better than Wendy’s, Burger King, and McDonald’s combined. Thanks BJ’s! – coming back more often obviously

Chuck E. Cheese – 5/5 – Fun! – we come here every summer

Fun Station – 5/5 – Absolutely fun! – we come here most of our summers I guess

Ruddy and Dean – 1/5 – Rude to a lady, took too long, didn’t care about our order, and maybe was rude to us too. Note:  Should be “Rudey and Dean” – Absolutely not coming back, although their decorations is nice

Bank of America – 3/5 – Unprepared because of no pens. How ridiculous. – what? we go here sometimes

Road House – 5/5 – Recommending the pizza. Although it looks cheesy, it tastes saucy as well! One of us used to work there way back. We had friends there. – we go here sometimes I believe

Lugo’s – 5/5 – The semi hair is the best hair I’ve ever seen. – one of us go here sometimes for the semi hair

Kohl’s – 5/5 – Tiles clean, excellent music and color around here. One of the best stores. –  we go here sometimes

Fabco Shoes – 5/5 – They asked if we needed help, they were extremely kind. Even the customers here when we needed to pass! Did the Buy 1 Get 1 thing. – never knew if we are coming back, although I think we are coming back sometime soon

D & B Doubles Chinese Kitchen – 5/5 – Recommend the noodles and chicken there. They are great! – we buy from here sometimes

Green Garden – 3/5 – Okay… I guess we won’t be cutting along indefenitely… we did order from them again, but the cashier had no money with two people sitting in the restaurant eating, and they gave us the wrong order, but we had the food anyway. And we ordered for a Sprite; they never gave us! So they have done better this time, but just because the food tasted good. 3 stars. – used to not buy from them, but now we sometimes go here

Cajun Cafe & Grill – 4/5 or 5/5 – I never liked the tiny stuff on the noodles, and never served much food, but someone liked it, so technically we are coming back. – read comment

Cohen’s Fashion Optical – 4/5 – Also on 2655 Richmond Ave as some people call it, they were expensive, but that’s the only issue, so they get a 4. Note – liked by Ray S, a manager of Cohen’s – maybe not coming back sadly

Queen Ann Car Wash – 5/5 – They clean the car good, service is great, price is not too expensive and good and reasonable and you can stay in the car. – We come here sometimes when we want to get our car clean

Designer Shoe Warehouse – 5/5 – We bought a lot of shoes and they fit – never knew if we are coming back, but maybe I think so

Hollister – 1/5 – Worse than Ruddy and Dean! Everybody on Yelp about that place is correct! Everybody! We think: Too dark, confusing to get out, half-naked man at the door, loud music and can’t see! What are they thinking? Note:  More like “Hellister” than Hollister – never knew if we are coming back, either we go there rarely or never go back which I hope that happens

Lee (or Bay) Beauty Supplies – 5/5 – Customer service is great, wide selection and a reasonable price. We also like their supplies. Thanks Lee! – we go here sometimes

Family Car Wash – 5/5 – Better than Queen Ann Car Wash, because it cleans the car with more stuff. We are treated like a family there, and the process of the car wash is fun! I definitely recommend them for their regular car wash. – we go here sometimes I guess

Cohoes Fashion – 3/5 – Boring store, but excellent and fun dressing room. I recommend to buy clothes there of course to try stuff in the beautiful dressing room. – we may go back, I’m not sure

Kidstown – 3/5 – Cold and overlapped tiles. This store can stay, I just dislike this place. – we have to go here sometimes sadly

9 West – Also in the Jersey Garden Mall, it’s also cold and we sometimes wait here a long time. Other than that, it gets a 3. – never knew if we are going back

Victoria’s Secret – 4/5 – Good music and good colors in the store. – never knew if we are going back

Jersey Gardens – 2/5 –  Only like the Auntie Anne’s there because I’m a huge fan of them. The Prato balloons are also ok. Sorry Jersey Gardens! – we go here sometimes sadly

Staten Island Mall – 5/5 – Good stores there I like to go to. I recommend this mall. – we go here sometimes

Sbarro – 4/5 – Very slightly like the pizza. Mostly tasted horrible. – never knew if we are going back, but maybe, not sure

*Auntie Anne’s Pretzels – 5/5 – Original pretzel with cheese dip or carmel dip, lemonade, and cinnamon pretzel is excellent. I recommend these from your local Auntie Anne’s. I also like them from the Staten Island Mall too, not just these! – we go here sometimes, and I LOVE THEM!

K & G Fashion Superstore – 4/5 – Recommended by someone. It’s ok. Not fun, but boring a bit. – not sure if we are going back, and yes, I asked

The Home Depot – 1/5 or -5/5 – If I could give -5, I would. They messed with the wrong Smally and Cloe. Here is what they did wrong, they sold half of a lock instead of full of a lock and we needed a full lock to fix a door. I do not recommend this store. – I like this store a bit, but go to another Home Depot other than the Targee St one.

Knutsford Court – 0/5 – Tons of problems. Seriously. Since Yelp doesn’t support Jamaica places, this review is here only. More than 10 problems I had! First, we came early and it wasn’t a problem. However, we sat for 2 hours and no complimentary drink! Come on! Second, we had to walk up the stairs with 9 bags because there was no elevator eventually. Third, the refrigerator is not cleaned properly so you know what that means. IT’S DIRTY! DIRTY, DIRTY, DIRTY! Fourth, there was mosquitoes flying in our room! Fifth, the Air Conditioning was working, but it wasn’t cool in the room at all. Even when a guy came up to try to fix it, it’s still not cool in the room. Sixth, the wire for internet access  had both ends broken, so we had to go down and tell them to get a new one! Two hours later, we needed to see what happened to the chord! Seventh, service wasn’t good at all! When we wanted food we tried to call room service to take our order but we found out they never had our orders because it was an OLD MENU! They promised a housekeeper will give us the new menu and we never got! We were so starving we ended up going to two restaurants for food. Eighth, the handle for the shower would fall for itself! And if it dare hits any of us on our toe, we’ll sue them! Seriously, we will! Ninth, there’s only 2 towels! Tenth, the iron doesn’t work properly like it’s a piece of junk! Eleventh, you had to use a handle just for showering! Ridiculous! We ended up going to Courtleigh for the other 3 days before our Holiday Inn trip. I never want to go to service like this again! – so not coming back

Courtleigh Hotel & Suites – 5/5 – When we went to Courtleigh, it was excellent! I visited the best hotel room of my life! Clean refrigerator, TV, drawer, closet, bathroom, shower with a handle optional, 2 beds, restaurant (Alexander’s Restaurant), business desk, lamps, clock, coffee maker and bigger room! Although there is construction on the 4th floor and it makes a little noise, It still gets a 5. – not sure if we are going back but hopefully we may go back sometime

Starapples – 5/5 – Recommend the fried chicken. – hopefully coming back

Gloria’s Seafood – 3/5 – Took a long time for food, and french fries were not great, but ok. – never knew if we are coming back

V.I.P Place – 5/5 – The chopping is entertainment. The coconut is (will tell you later) – hope we come back, it’s near Gloria’s Seafood

Alexander’s Restaurant – 5/5 – Toast and cheese and ham is great. Also the Pineapple Orange Mango Juice! Even the Kellogg’s breakfast! – if we go back to Courtleigh we are coming back here

KFC – 5/5 – Food is good. – we go here on vacation

Juici Patties – 4/5 – Pattie is ok, but Golden Krust is better. – don’t know if we are going back

Springroll Asian Fusion – 2/5 – Food, I don’t like. Only get drinks from there and that’s what I recommend. – unknown if we are going back

Portside – 5/5 – Recommend the pizza for lunch and dinner, and bagel with cream cheese for breakfast. Don’t forget to toast it! Doesn’t take that long! – we always go here for breakfast when we are at the Holiday Inn

Sorrento – 2/5 – From Smally: Took a long time just to get a table when there were STUPID EMPTY TABLES, UNLESS THEY WERE CLEANING THEM! Barely had anything I like, and french fries were not great, but ok. Chicken nuggets are also ok. 2/5. | From Cloe: Had to wait a long time for a table, also barely had anything I like from there, and no beverages were on the menu. Short menu, french fries are ok. Chicken nuggets too. 3/5. – unsure if we are going there again

Scotchies – 5/5 – Jerk chicken (without the sauce) is what I recommend. They are so delicious! – we get food from here sometimes when we are at Jamaica

Jus Kiddin – 5/5 – Ice cream is good. Recommend the ice cream. Will see if I can try more foods from there. – not sure if we are going back

Barefoot Bar and Grill – 3/5 – Fruit punch is good, and so is the hamburger. But french fries, grilled cheese and hot dog are ok.  – we go there sometimes I believe

Seebreeze – 2/5 – From Smally: At least it never took that long to get a table. Ended up getting chicken nuggets due to food and I may not like on the menu. I tried the pina colada they had and it tasted horrible. Fruit punch was way better. Also, two of my orders are wrong! I wanted no ackee but they gave me! I just wanted chicken nuggets, and it came with stupid french fries and stupid vegetables! Also, when we wanted to refill for a fruit punch and water, no refill! 2/5. | From Cloe: Got a table not too long ago, got the nuggets, ackee was a bit bad to be honest, and barely anything we like from the menu other than chicken nuggets and fruit punch. Had stuff I didn’t like. 2/5 to be honest. – unsure if we are going back

Sky Beach – 5/5 – Sky Beach is wonderful! We sat in a hut near a beach, a lantern light, and the food was good!  The chicken was good. – hope we go back next year

Rick’s Cafe – 4/5 – At first I didn’t like it, but the splashes, dives and sunset made me like this place. – Hope I go back again

YS Falls – 5/5 – Place was great. Good water falls, and zipline entertainment is fun. – not sure if we are going back

Black River – 4/5 – The crocodiles sight was good. – not sure if we are going back

Dunns River Falls – 5/5 – The only part I didn’t like when it went deep and went past my hips so much! I was so scared at that part. – probably coming back

Staples – 4/5 – Good for school supplies. – we go here sometimes

Lucky Garden – 5/5 – Although their lo mein isn’t all that great, their General Chicken is so good. Same with the Vegetable Fried Rice since it contains a lot of vegetables. Better than D & B but not for the lo mein. Smally likes D & B better though. – we buy from here sometimes I believe

Western Beef – 4/5 -When we walked in here, a cigarette was on the floor, indicating that somebody smoked in the store or it somehow got in here (being blown in or being kicked in). And this was for the Forest Ave one, but I realized that I made one already for the specific store. Other than that complaint, everything else is good. – we go here a lot

Bari’s Pizza – 5/5 – Cheese Pizza is great. Went once the same day I went to Steven’s Nail Salon (review is near the top between Sarku Japan and Public Storage, only the second review on the page). Hope to go back again. – not sure if we’ll buy from them again but maybe

Island, Bird, Cat and Dog Vet Group – 5/5 – They act professional, and know what they are doing. They did good operation on the bird. It was a parakeet called Billa. Will go back. – read end of review

Holiday Inn – 4/5 – Averaged the ratings of some places in this hotel, and got 3.6, making it a 4 out of 5 here. Crystal clear beach, excellent restaurants, and this hotel is by far the best! Slightly better than Courtleigh, although I still prefer that other hotel too, unlike that “stupid no good lousy useless Knutsford”. In our first room, there was a small crab, so we had to kill it. It was on the ground, so I was sad. The second room, a suite, was good. Fartherest from the noise, on a high floor too! (more info tomorrow) – most likely going back next year

A.C.MOORE – 5/5 – This store is good! The staff are very helpful, the workshop for kids are great, it’s clean, and accept competitors coupons.  – we go here  sometimes, but not a lot

Asian Food Market – 5/5 – Yes, buy the tofu. As for the salmon, 5 stars. –  sometimes we go here

The Cookie Jar – 5/5 – When I went here for the first time in my life (extremely excited, :)), I wanted to try the Oatmeal Butter Cream and Cinnamon S. When I tried the Oatmeal Butter Cream, it was great. When I tried the Cinnamon S, it was also great. I liked the Oatmeal Butter Cream just slightly better. Hope I come back. – see end of review

Bath and Body Works – 5/5 – Great products in here, clean, has a sink, and yeah, this place pretty much rocks. – unsure if we are going back

Aeropostale – 5/5 – The shirts and hoodies they have in here are good. Not bad. – unsure if we are going back

Ruby Tuesday – 4/5 -This is near 42nd Street, right? If not, ok. The food was great, but pricey. – hope we come back, not sure yet

Bahama Breeze – 4/5 – I would just like to say that my trip to Bahama Breeze was awesome! We was seated right away, the waiter (Teodor) was excellent all the time, and even gave us coasters for our drinks! I had a milkshake, and it wasn’t the best one I had, but it was great! The food was excellent, and they even gave us fruits (grapes and pineapple) and vegetables (broccoli)! Inside was beautiful, and outside was however dull, plus the drinks was tangy, but still, everything we had here was great, even recommending the jerk shrimp. Bread was also excellent, and same for the other foods that was served to us while we were waiting for our foods! The tomatoes was also excellent! And finally, there was free refills! This place is so excellent, we (not me) even went here for dinner once! Hopefully we go back again. – read end of review

Sally’s Beauty Supply – 1/5 – Never went back ever since. I did not like the service I recieved from one of the given employees. They was rude to me for no reason. It’s been horrible meeting up and we must leave it, so goodbye forever Sally’s. – see end of review

Cookie’s the Kid’s Department Store – 4/5 – Went here for Cammy. Did not like the tie they gave us for our outfit. It’s green, while the rest are white, black, and gray. Totally unmatching. Yeah, they are mix and matching. Smally even complained about it. The people were nice, though. Let’s see if we go back. – read end of review

NY’s Best Pizza – 3/5 – When we ordered Sprite, they gave us Coke. That’s the only reason two stars was removed. Other than that, they make great pizzas! We’ll eat from here more often now. Seems a good replacement for Famous NY Pizza. – will eat from here more often

NY Fried Chicken – 4/5 – Now, hope this is the correct place I’m reviewing. About NY Fried Chicken “The Ultimate Taste”, despite being in New Jersey, somebody went there and got food for me. OK? I tried some of their fried chicken and french fries to see how it goes. When  tasted it, “It’s good! It’s really really really good!” They looked like and tasted like chicken wings, but they were fried. As for the french fries, they weren’t bad either, but I still liked McDonald’s fries better. We’ll have to give them a try again, so for now, it’s a 4 star rating. Worth going. – read end of review

Little Caesar’s Pizza – 5/5 – Ok. Finally reviewing the famous Little Caesars pizza! 🙂 I had it before, but at a Walmart store I believe and a pizza making kit which I’m getting soon. I went here to try pizza, and it’s actually good! It’s one of the best pizzas ever! It was the famous Hot-N-Ready one, I chose cheese. I hope to go again soon! – hopefully will go back some time

Ting N Ting – 4/5 – First of all, we heard of this place when somebody got a flyer from them. They sent it to us so we can buy them. We bought from them the next day and i thought they’d really be good. They then took a long time because they didn’t have our phone number to ask for directions. They should’ve asked for the phone number so they could’ve asked directions after we took order, but they didn’t. They just didn’t ask and then we had to call again so we could tell them our phone number that way they know where they’re going. Plus, they should’ve had a GPS for directions. When we got our food, the roti didn’t look like what it should be, and it didn’t taste like what it should be either. The curry didn’t taste good at all too, but it looked like it. The rice could’ve been better, but it was ok. As for the stew chicken, it was pretty much goodish/okayish. The cabbage was also good/ok. We’ll order from them once more to try their ox-tale, and then this review’ll be updated, with this same text, just not this sentence. Very disappointed. Started off from a 4 to a 2. Also did I mention the long wait wasn’t worth it? Again, very disappointed. So on May 12, 2012, was it A-OK? Yeah, just because the oxtale was better than the curry chicken, and it wasn’t the best either. But the food began to be better so Yay, I’m a fan! 4 stars. – we order from here constantly ever since (read the first 2 sentences to find the answer)

Village Shoppe – 5/5 – Nothing much about this place, never went in, but they are good. An update’ll be made someday. – will come back someday

Trader Joes – 5/5 – Have no idea why I haven’t reviewed this sooner! It was just as awesome as I thought it was! The products are great and taste great, despite the tea tree thing making a scent all over my place. But this grocery store is still great! I recommend it to everybody! One of my friends also reviewed this place! – we go here sometimes

B & W Bakery – 4/5 – We were at church, and they got the cake from this bakery during a birthday party. The cake tastes great! This place rocks! 4 out of 5 stars due to personal reasons, but overall it was still great! – unknown if we are going to have one of their cakes again

Fabric Warehouse – 4/5 – It is not 5 stars for the following reasons; we could’ve been there for a short time but there was only 2 people working there for unknown reasons, but we still liked the store anyway and the most important part was that they really helped a lot. Otherwise, if you are impatient, don’t go here then if they have 1 or 2 or a few people with long lines. – unknown if we are coming back

Natalie’s – 5/5 – Great clothing store. Nothing much. – we go here sometimes

Popeye’s – 5/5 – The chicken tastes really great, and the biscuit’s not bad. – we go here sometimes

V & N Willowbrook Deli – 5/5 – Not much, but it looks cool inside and good deli things. Too bad there was no Strawberry Nutrament… – unsure if we are coming back

Los Catrachos – 2/5 – What was I thinking? I have been mistaken! B Grade! Roaches on food, food not safe and etc. Exactly 10 days later, I found this out when I picked up here for the first time. I said nothing to Smally or the workers there, but it looks beautiful inside. However, I’m afraid we have ordered from here only 2 times and for now it will remain that way. Even Ting N Ting started off with a 2 and ended up with a 4! And BTW, one of the workers, a guy, picked his teeth, and a waitress here came out and didn’t wash her hand! Thankfully I didn’t get anything from here, I just ordered for several people! – not coming back until they go to an A Grade.

Ryerson Market – 2/5 – Everything there is good. Cookies, Nesquik, Milky Way bar and etc are excellent! But one day, I just ate food from somebody disobeying the law to wear gloves or something to protect their filthy hands from! In New Jersey, it’s the law to wear gloves or something else to protect their filthy hands from! We are thinking about filing a complaint and having that man fired! We didn’t say anything to him, just like we didn’t mind, but we actually did mind because it was my food! Ugh! Right after this stupid Catrachos mess? We’ll continue to go, but not for the sandwiches he touched! No way! Made food is cancelled from that deli from now on! They deserve no A Grade! – we come here sometimes after or before church

Famous Ny Pizza – 5/5 – Woohoo! It got an A grade (possibly for the first time)! Pizza tastes good. Back to 5 stars. – we buy pizza from this place sometimes

North Shore Pizzeria – 5/5 – They have an A Grade, so for sure that is one step closer to being an excellent restaurant. Then, the pizza was good, it just had to get 5 stars. Also, I thought the name was Classic Pizzeria according to Google Maps. Their stuff are outdated! – unknown if we are coming back

B & A Jewelers – 5/5 – Very nice. Took broken watches there, and they fixed them. Thanks! – unknown if we are coming back

*Chick-Fil-A – 5/5 –  Oh boy, Chick-Fil-A, which is now one of my favorites, oh where do I start to begin with? Chick-Fil-A was a place I was willingly wanting to try before, but because of something awesome about them, I begged my friends to go, and they finally did! August 1st was Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day. We went that day and boy it was better than I thought it was! It was a long line, but because I highly recommend and support them, I didn’t care how long we have to wait, I could’ve seen that a lot of people was there compared to it’s neighbor (Nestle Tollhouse. We didn’t go, and probably won’t go, but some people went there). We took 3 other of our friends too, and boy the food was awesome! The fries, the chicken sandwich, of course, and the lemonade all tasted homemade and real, and they looked real too! I loved how they came up with the idea of the fries being shaped as waffles, and they beat McDonald’s for being the best fries! We also had some candy packages I suppose, like those small peppermint candy stuff or something, and the ketchup package was shaped like a ketchup bottle! Loved that idea, and that’s something other restaurants should do, too! In conclusion, the store became better than Auntie Anne’s (which was my other favorite store, but don’t get me wrong, that store rocks too!), and this was the 100th review on my review site! Please come here, even the family who created the store was great, and even told us the story of it! Cool! Also, check out this review on Measured Up and maybe other places too! If possible. – although far, hopefully we come back!

Big Apple Bagels – 5/5 – The bagel was soft and delicious, and the green olive cream cheese was to die for. Will come back after our traveling. – read last sentence

Downtown Pizza and Burgers – 3/5 – Yes, yes, I know. We usually give high violation pointed restaurants 1 or 2 stars, but the pizza actually tastes good! Despite the 33 violation points with a Not Yet Graded Grade, we’ll probably wait until an A Grade comes by to them. – read end of review

Anthony Franco’s Pizza and Pasta – 5/5 – My church gets pizza from here all the time. I didn’t find out what place they were getting the pizza from until today. Totally recommend. – usually get pizza from church

Sandy’s Deli & Roti – 5/5 – This is a Trinidad store by the way. I like this place. The employees are wearing gloves, and the containers holding the food are floating on water, which is also cool! As for the food, however, the barbecued chicken tastes so good! And the noodles/chow mein too! The place is great! Would recommend. – sometimes we come here

Kids Place – 1/5 – The extremely cracked floor really are scary. I mean, hello, how old is this place? Put a carpet on the floor or remake it, then I’d be more pleased. Otherwise, this is almost certain that this is the most scariest floor I’ve seen in my life, and I’m pretty sure nobody else would want to see an extremely cracked floor. And speaking of carpets, that one area with carpet was removed! Argh! Also, products are meh. Until the floor is fixed, I’m going to hope that I don’t end up here. Thankfully I already don’t come here much anyway. – don’t come here much

Delightful Dishes – 1/5 – Ugh! This place must be really mistaken. They take a long time for takeout, so I prefer if you’re in their zip code, do delivery, but that won’t stop them from taking so long. We called by 3:330 something, and never came until 5:00! And they take long with everything! Geez! At least the food are ok. Otherwise, Eek! Methinks not. – we come here for anything other than fish I believe

A & M – 4/5 – Pizza is not the best. But they do have an “A” Grade. Basically that’s it. – don’t eat here much

Applebee’s – 4/5 –  Okay, one of our new friends is reviewing this, so yeah. It was one of the only places that didn’t take a long time to get food, as Outback Steakhouse, Bonefish Grill and TGI Friday’s all said it’d take 1 hour and 45 minutes for something. Like the others, no, it isn’t 5 stars, but our night there wasn’t half bad. One of our only really bad complaints was that they seated us close to the door where it is cold. And although they moved us, we still aren’t giving them 5 stars. Also, some portions where big, like our drinks and some food. The drinks weren’t awesome, but OK, as the ice kind of took the flavor of the fruit punch. But the boneless chicken, however, is awesome. Too bad I didn’t have a big appetite though. Celery and ranch also tasted good. Overall, we would come back. Sorry to the people who gave this place bad reviews, as this is the first 4+ star review of this place out of 14 reviews, including this one. – would go back again

Comfort Suites – 0/5 – No I haven’t went here before and I won’t need to anyway. Automatic 0 for being close to filthy/dirty water. – won’t ever go

BP Gas Station – 0/5 – If I could give the gas station 0 stars, I would. First of all, one of my friends, Smally, said it was 5 stars. Don’t listen to him. First of all, we got here before a group of other people came, yet the people that cane after us got their gas first. I got so mad, I went out the door and told them that. I didn’t mind the wait though. They didn’t know. At this point, I told my friends to not give him a tip, especially when he was acting deaf and/or blind. I know there is only one person working, but still, THAT IS NOT AN EXCUSE! So he did our gas for us, and I hoped we never went there again, although it was cheaper than the gas station, Exxon, around the street. – sometimes we go here

Papa Johns – 5/5 – Pizza and especially Pizzasticks rock! – order here often now

Pizza House – 2/5 – Their pizza were just as awesome as NY’s Best Pizza, but you want to know why  this place had two stars? All of a sudden, they shut their does mysteriously, and none of us have seen them open in quite a long amount of time now. So yeah…I guess this basically means we’re all done with this place then. – possibly won’t return

Deli in Palo Seco – 4/5 – This deli lacks a name (or at least I think it does), but otherwise it’s just plainly good. – come here often while in Trinidad

112 reviews so far!

Places to be reviewed soon – Bookmared places on Yelp, Argyle Waterfall, another Waterfall, Nylon Pool, Palo Seco Beach, JetBlue


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  1. Moises Marchetti
    Mar 06, 2012 @ 06:12:01

    Very interesting details you have noted, thanks for posting.


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