In the past times, although I’ve never tried the place, we’d usually sometimes buy from the plaza or pass it. There was something, a Chinese restaurant in which we tried (should review too), a gourmet deli in which we went to as well (must review as well), a Spanish restaurant, a laundromat, (maybe) (maybe something else? a laundromat or something (as I said, maybe a laundromat)) and a pizza place named Z-Brothers Pizza. However, it closed down for more than a month now, and if you haven’t tried it, sadly you won’t be able to as it closed down this year. Fortunately, another pizza place came up as a replacement. I heard of this when one of my friend’s (Smally) friend liked that place and said it was delicious I believe. It was on Richmond Terrace, so I thought it was the Crispy Pizza place (it was another Pizza Place on the same avenue, so I thought it was that), but it was actually Downtown Pizza & Burgers. Yes, they sell burgers and other fast food I believe. And no, don’t get confused now, Downtown Pizza & Burgers replaced Z-Brothers Pizza. Also, if I ever do get to try that Crispy Pizza place, I just want to let you know that they aren’t getting 5 stars. They left out a back door open when it should’ve been closed! So this month or next month, we’ll try to see how it is and review it, despite the lack of a grade since they are new, but no worries, they should have a grade up soon! See you next time!