A & M is still bad, but got better by an extremely slightly bit.

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Title says all.It has a B grade instead of Grade Pending, but it’s still not in my book. So,


Pizza is not the best. And here’s the good news. It’s no longer grade pending. Bad news is that it has a B grade, so I still have to get my school to persuade the place until they get an A grade. 2 stars is because they no longer have grade pending.


New review with Downtown Pizzeria

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I’m still on vacation in Trinidad, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t review at all during it! Downtown Pizzeria is finally reviewed.


Yes, yes, I know. We usually give high violation pointed restaurants 1 or 2 stars, but the pizza actually tastes good! Despite the 33 violation points with a Not Yet Graded Grade, we’ll probably wait until an A Grade comes by to them.



Okay, so if you don’t care about the violation points (you should), then just eat it. Or not. Anyways, see you later!

One pizza place down, One pizza place up that replaced it. Maybe a redoing thing here?

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In the past times, although I’ve never tried the place, we’d usually sometimes buy from the plaza or pass it. There was something, a Chinese restaurant in which we tried (should review too), a gourmet deli in which we went to as well (must review as well), a Spanish restaurant, a laundromat, (maybe) (maybe something else? a laundromat or something (as I said, maybe a laundromat)) and a pizza place named Z-Brothers Pizza. However, it closed down for more than a month now, and if you haven’t tried it, sadly you won’t be able to as it closed down this year. Fortunately, another pizza place came up as a replacement. I heard of this when one of my friend’s (Smally) friend liked that place and said it was delicious I believe. It was on Richmond Terrace, so I thought it was the Crispy Pizza place (it was another Pizza Place on the same avenue, so I thought it was that), but it was actually Downtown Pizza & Burgers. Yes, they sell burgers and other fast food I believe. And no, don’t get confused now, Downtown Pizza & Burgers replaced Z-Brothers Pizza. Also, if I ever do get to try that Crispy Pizza place, I just want to let you know that they aren’t getting 5 stars. They left out a back door open when it should’ve been closed! So this month or next month, we’ll try to see how it is and review it, despite the lack of a grade since they are new, but no worries, they should have a grade up soon! See you next time!

Big Apple Bagels

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A Big Apple Bagels Review.


The bagel was soft and delicious, and the green olive cream cheese was to die for. Will come back after our traveling.


We are going traveling from August 9th to the 26th to Trinidad and Tobago. See you then!

WOOHOO!!! 30th post and 100th review!

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Get ready… it’s a place I’ve been wanting to go ever since! Chick-Fil-A!!!

Oh boy, Chick-Fil-A, which is now one of my favorites, oh where do I start to begin with?

Chick-Fil-A was a place I was willingly wanting to try before, but because of something awesome about them, I begged my friends to go, and they finally did! August 1st was Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day. We went that day and boy it was better than I thought it was! It was a long line, but because I highly recommend and support them, I didn’t care how long we have to wait, I could’ve seen that a lot of people was there compared to it’s neighbor (Nestle Tollhouse. We didn’t go, and probably won’t go, but some people went there).

We took 3 other of our friends too, and boy the food was awesome! The fries, the chicken sandwich, of course, and the lemonade all tasted homemade and real, and they looked real too! I loved how they came up with the idea of the fries being shaped as waffles, and they beat McDonald’s for being the best fries! We also had some candy packages I suppose, like those small peppermint candy stuff or something, and the ketchup package was shaped like a ketchup bottle! Loved that idea, and that’s something other restaurants should do, too!

In conclusion, the store became better than Auntie Anne’s (which was my other favorite store, but don’t get me wrong, that store rocks too!), and this was the 100th review on my review site! Please come here, even the family who created the store was great, and even told us the story of it! Cool! Also, check out this review on Measured Up and maybe other places too! If possible.

And also, it’s the 100th review on the site! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! Cloe’s icon will be updated in honor of this! See you soon!


Plus this restaurant will be part of Smally’s Reviewed Stores Lately!!!

North Shore Pizzeria & B & A Jewelers (Typical)

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They have an A Grade, so for sure that is one step closer to being an excellent restaurant. Then, the pizza was good, it just had to get 5 stars. Also, I thought the name was Classic Pizzeria according to Google Maps. Their stuff are outdated!



And onto B & A:

Very nice. Took broken watches there, and they fixed them. Thanks!



Now for the 100th review: It’s a surprise! 5 star reviewed! Better than Auntie Anne’s!!!