A & M (strangely A & M I hadn’t reviewen yet), Los Catrachos and Ryerson Deli had several stars taken away (A & M’s was actually started with a low star grade). First up, A & M FOR THEIR GRADE PENDING GRADE WITH 19 POINTS WITH 1 STAR!

Pizza is not the best, and so far, it’s grade pending. And the worst part is that one of our schools usually order pizza from this place! Let’s hope the grade changes before next school year!

Next up, Los Catrachos for having gross workers and B Grade with 2 stars!

What was I thinking? I have been mistaken! B Grade! Roaches on food, food not safe and etc. Exactly 10 days later, I found this out when I picked up here for the first time. I said nothing to Smally or the workers there, but it looks beautiful inside. However, I’m afraid we have ordered from here only 2 times and for now it will remain that way. Even Ting N Ting started off with a 2 and ended up with a 4! And BTW, one of the workers, a guy, picked his teeth, and a waitress here came out and didn’t wash her hand! Thankfully I didn’t get anything from here, I just ordered for several people!

And Finally, Ryerson Deli was on the Smally account, so it’s not on Yelp, but it’ll be updated right here right now! 2 stars!

Everything there is good. Cookies, Nesquik, Milky Way bar and etc are excellent! But one day, I just ate food from somebody disobeying the law to wear gloves or something to protect their filthy hands from! In New Jersey, it’s the law to wear gloves or something else to protect their filthy hands from! We are thinking about filing a complaint and having that man fired! We didn’t say anything to him, just like we didn’t mind, but we actually did mind because it was my food! Ugh! Right after this stupid Catrachos mess? We’ll continue to go, but not for the sandwiches he touched! No way! Made food is cancelled from that deli from now on! They deserve no A Grade!

But the good news is that I can finally start becoming a fan again of Famous NY Pizza as they got 11 points since this April! Cool! And Brother’s Pizza got from a  B to an A too. Short quick thing about Famous NY:

Woohoo! It got an A grade (possibly for the first time)! Pizza tastes good. Back to 5 stars.


Alright, that’s all for now. See you later!