Los Catrachos, I think our time together was just 10 days, very short, and will remain to be until an A grade comes up.


What was I thinking? I have been mistaken! B Grade! Roaches on food, food not safe and etc. Exactly 10 days later, I found this out when I picked up here for the first time. I said nothing to Smally or the workers there, but it looks beautiful inside. However, I’m afraid we have ordered from here only 2 times and for now it will remain that way. Even Ting N Ting started off with a 2 and ended up with a 4! And BTW, one of the workers, a guy, picked his teeth, and a waitress here came out and didn’t wash her hand! Thankfully I didn’t get anything from here, I just ordered for several people!



In other news, Famous NY Pizza and Brother’s Pizza had gotten A grades, so Famous NY Pizza will be back to 5 stars this week!