Trader Joes – 5/5 – Have no idea why I haven’t reviewed this sooner! It was just as awesome as I thought it was! The products are great and taste great, despite the tea tree thing making a scent all over my place. But this grocery store is still great! I recommend it to everybody! One of my friends also reviewed this place! – we go here sometimes

B & W Bakery – 4/5 – We were at church, and they got the cake from this bakery during a birthday party. The cake tastes great! This place rocks! 4 out of 5 stars due to personal reasons, but overall it was still great! – unknown if we are going to have one of their cakes again

Fabric Warehouse – 4/5 – It is not 5 stars for the following reasons; we could’ve been there for a short time but there was only 2 people working there for unknown reasons, but we still liked the store anyway and the most important part was that they really helped a lot. Otherwise, if you are impatient, don’t go here then if they have 1 or 2 or a few people with long lines. – unknown if we are coming back

Natalie’s – 5/5 – Great clothing store. Nothing much. – we go here sometimes

Popeye’s – 5/5 – The chicken tastes really great, and the biscuit’s not bad. – we go here sometimes


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