New improved review for Ting & Ting:

First of all, we heard of this place when somebody got a flyer from them. They sent it to us so we can buy them. We bought from them the next day and i thought they’d really be good. They then took a long time because they didn’t have our phone number to ask for directions. They should’ve asked for the phone number so they could’ve asked directions after we took order, but they didn’t. They just didn’t ask and then we had to call again so we could tell them our phone number that way they know where they’re going. Plus, they should’ve had a GPS for directions. When we got our food, the roti didn’t look like what it should be, and it didn’t taste like what it should be either. The curry didn’t taste good at all too, but it looked like it. The rice could’ve been better, but it was ok. As for the stew chicken, it was pretty much goodish/okayish. The cabbage was also good/ok. We’ll order from them once more to try their ox-tale, and then this review’ll be updated, with this same text, just not this sentence. Very disappointed. Started off from a 4 to a 2. Also did I mention the long wait wasn’t worth it? Again, very disappointed. So on May 12, 2012, was it A-OK? Yeah, just because the oxtale was better than the curry chicken, and it wasn’t the best either, so it’s not upping up to a 4 or a 5 anytime soon.


Also, Kidstown, I’m now being nice to it, so it’s also now a 3. Enjoy!