Auntie Annes

Sweet Almond Pretzel’s being popular lately. Also, the winner of the Recipe Challenge is the Strawberry Cheesecake Dessert Pizza by Chaelyn Consaul of New York! Will have to try one day! Hopefully… just lazy to post anything else. (Cloe)


Had them yesterday. Also, their “It’s Your Lunch. Take It.” thing is popular too! (Cloe) Happy Meal: Spy Gear (Sweet!) and Victorious (Cool!) (Cloe)

Golden Krust

Nothin. (Both Smally and Cloe)

Burger King

Penguin’s name: Scooter! Scooter the Penguin he is! (Cloe) Current BK Crown Theme: Pinkalicious and Monster Gear. (Cloe)


Well that is it for today. (Smally) See you later for when we review a place we’ve never tried before!