Auntie Anne’s

We missed Free Pretzel Day, but we still love them! Alex’s Lemonade (I’m pretty sure you heard of them) is partnering up with Auntie Anne’s a whole lot more! They even told people about Free Pretzel Day! (Cloe) They also claimed to find one of Santa’s Reindeer.  (Smally)


Pretty sure they stopped serving Chicken McBites. Or are they? (Cloe) McCafe also did a new Shamrock Milkshake something. Ok, what was it?  Oh, yeah, right. Also, we finally got to know the winner of the You Want French Fries with That contest. Look!  (Smally) But we’re not done yet. Did you guys hear of the New Happy Meals? They made it much more healthier! With their world famous fries, their apple slices, their fat free chocolate shake, their chicken McNuggets, even a McDouble! (Cloe)

Golden Krust

They are naming their Golden Krust Express restaurants coming soon.  Imagine a Golden Krust that serves only patties and jerked meats (chicken, pork or fish) with limited side orders and beverages. That’s it. (Cloe)

Burger King

The name of a black footed penguin should be announced tomorrow at a live naming ceremony! The names are Iggy, Pip, Scooter, Jeeves and Pickles! We are all voting for Pip! And in 6 or 5 days The Big Miracle challenge ends! (Cloe) They are also talking about the Chef’s Choice Burgers lately! (Smally)


Well that’s about it. Stay tuned for more! Bye! (Smally and Cloe)