Shame on You, Hibachi Grill & Supreme Buffet!

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Even though we’ve went to Hibachi Grill & Supreme Buffet numerous times before and liked their food, we’ve never reviewed it due to our in-activeness. Seriously, it must’ve been two years since our last reviews, but we’re back for now. Anyway, apparently they were closed for today (and supposedly today only) since the city shut them down due to mental hygiene issues. However, they apparently covered up the mental hygiene paper or some other piece of paper (which must’ve been important as well) with some yellow paper (probably because they didn’t want people to turn away from their restaurant and instead come over there). Plus, they have a B grade with 18 violation points. Three out of four sanitary violations were critical. We’ll come back some other time and we’ll check and see what has happened, but shame on them for covering up the mental hygiene paper and getting a B grade!


We are not dead.

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Review time will return

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Remember that part of this website is fanon, and the characters belong to the owners.


The people in our crew:









Weebl Bull


We haven’t done reviews in ages. However, pretty soon, that will change. For starters, we’ll FINALLY BE REVIEWING JETBLUE!!! How cool is that? This is our first time with them, excluding Cloe. She went there before. Anyway, we have a lot of reviews to create, and we can’t wait! So stay tuned!


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Smally here. I just want to let you know some important things:

-Ryerson Market is gone for good. It has been replaced by Neighborhood Market and Ameti’s Pizza (or Pizzeria) that share the same building. So R.I.P. Ryerson Market. R.I.P.

-More reviews might arrive soon, along with product ones.

-We left Public Storage for good and took all our stuff with us, of course due to paying enormous bills to them.

-No worries about Fashion Bug either, all of you should know that it went out of business already like nearly a year ago.

-We reviewed Aeropostale before, and now we like it even more due to this (just click here)


So, hope more comes out of us this year!

Goodbye NY’s Best Pizza…


The last time I passed there, I found out that NY’s Best Pizza has been replaced with another pizza restaurant called “Pizza House” I believe. So far, other than the Arthur Kill Rd one, I found no word of it online. NY’s Best Pizza still has their website up, not otherwise, it’s gone. I’m so sad that NY’s Best Pizza left us after 2 years. We will miss it though! And we’ll do many things for it hopefully! We are ordering pizza today, so if we order, it’ll be from the Pizza House, so we’ll call. We’ll keep you updated. – Smally.


And 40th Post! yeah! Review coming soon!

Smally’s Reviewed Stores Lately # 6


We’re back! Once again, please read, we have a lot to cover for these 4 months!


Spicy Chicken Sandwiches and Chicken Tortilla Soup, oh my! Previously they had Mad Libs, Blue Orange Games and Spot What. Now they have once again if not one time the Amazing Cow Heroes Comics! (Cloe) Plus for April Fools day, they had joked about Chick-Fil-A flavor gum/mints and strips for noses on Sundays. (Smally)

Auntie Anne’s

They had their 25th birthday, and if not mistaken, redesigned slightly. (Cloe) #FeedSpringFever & Instagram Contest. Nothing else. (Smally)


For McDonald’s, we have a whole lot to cover. Fish McBites had been selled, if not now. Also, the Shamrock Shake was sold last month. (Cloe) Right now, they’re selling new Premium McWraps, and doing this McCafe Moments of Wonder thing. BTW, the Premium McWraps should be permanent, unlike the Fish McBites. (Smally) 2013 McDonald’s All American Games was done, along with making Spicy McChicken part of the dollar menu. (Cloe) Finally, The Croods was part of the Happy Meal until Skylanders Giants & Fijit Friends Shimmies took over. (Smally)

Golden Krust


Burger King

Burger King also has done a lot like Angry Whoppers, Gingerbread something and etc. BKCrown is doing Cut The Rope stuff, not to mention we have something Cut The Rope related at our house. Next up is Jurassic Park. (Cloe) Lately there are selling Loaded Tater Tots, but not for long. Vegetarians should be happy because they’re also selling Veggie Burgers, although this one isn’t for them, Turkey Burgers. (Smally) Bacon Cheddar Stuffed Burgers, Pina Colada Smoothies, Iced Teas (Peach and Sweet or Unsweetened), Chipotle Chicken Sandwiches and Wraps, Chiptole Whoppers, Donut Holes, and Smooth Roast Coffee which can be iced or hot are also new. (Cloe)

We’ll see you next time on this first Reviewed Stores Lately for 2013! (Both)

Won’t be seeing them tomorrow, but we might as well go back.

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Today’s review is about the Applebee’s in the Staten Island Mall. Alas, this is the first review that has 4 or 5 stars, and we gave it four for these reasons:

Okay, one of our new friends is reviewing this, so yeah. It was one of the only places that didn’t take a long time to get food, as Outback Steakhouse, Bonefish Grill and TGI Friday’s all said it’d take 1 hour and 45 minutes for something.

Like the others, no, it isn’t 5 stars, but our night there wasn’t half bad. One of our only really bad complaints was that they seated us close to the door where it is cold. And although they moved us, we still aren’t giving them 5 stars. Also, some portions where big, like our drinks and some food. The drinks weren’t awesome, but OK, as the ice kind of took the flavor of the fruit punch.

But the boneless chicken, however, is awesome. Too bad I didn’t have a big appetite though. Celery and ranch also tasted good. Overall, we would come back. Sorry to the people who gave this place bad reviews, as this is the first 4+ star review of this place out of 14 reviews, including this one.


Thanks for reading, and before next Friday is a Smally’s Reviewed Stores Lately. Speaking of that, Applebee’s might be in our Reviewed Stores Lately. Ta ta!

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